In-house training on the Mental Health Act 1983 and the Mental Capacity Act 2005


MHA & MCA Law (formerly Dave Sheppard Associates) consists of a body of highly competent and knowledgeable professionals, all well-respected in their fields, who are also experienced trainers. By bringing together some of the country's best mental health trainers, we are able to draw on a broad spectrum of knowledge, skills and experience, in providing training on a wide range of subjects related to the delivery of mental health services.


Dave Sheppard has been a full time independent trainer since 1992, providing training throughout England and Wales on all aspects of mental health law and practice, for NHS Trusts, Local Authorities, independent hospitals and voluntary organisations.


We have a solid reputation for providing training that is:

  • up to date - including the impact of the European Convention of Human Rights and Human Rights Act 1998, as well as domestic case law;
  • incorporating latest issues, publications (inc. inquiries and research);
  • flexible in response to the requirements of individual organisations
  • innovative and varied in terms of presentation
  • supported by comprehensive notes; and
  • excellent value for money.


Other services include:
Independent mental health inquiries; panel member; consultancy


We can also develop new courses, as well as adapt courses to meet particular local training needs. All courses are designed to be run in-house to meet the specific training needs of your organisation.
Please contact us for sample programmes, costs etc


MHA & MCA Law Ltd
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